v5.0.20 Released

email spam filter server


You must perform the upgrade using the dist-upgrade option.

apt-get dist-upgrade
  • Added support for Dr.Web antivirus. This is a very affordable and effective add-on for Mailborder. We don't sell the license for this product. You can obtain a 90 day trial and a 40% discount on their website. More details and instructions are here: https://www.mailborder.com/ops/drweb/
  • Updated code to fully support Eset 7.x
  • Added features to test and restart failed spam and antivirus services.
  • Added option to reboot the Mailborder server if spam and antivirus services cannot be recovered. See /etc/mailborder/engine.cf
  • Updated several options in /etc/mailborder/engine.cf
  • Implemented a fix for servers not correctly identifying macros in file attachments.
  • Corrected the engine rebuild from overwriting the Postfix master.cf.
  • Partial configuration writes can now be implemented on servers with Postfix configuration locks.
  • Added the option to disable Reject Unverified Recipient in the Mail Transport Settings.
  • Updated install script to support Elementary OS 5.x
  • Added additional indexing to the Master database for a performance increase.
  • Removed ion-icons from Jquery loads.

25 December 2019

v5.0.19 Released

email spam filter server


  • Added Malay language support.
  • Updated syslog messaging for delayed database inserts.
  • Updated MTA RBL Whitelist to also whitelist reverse DNS checks.
  • Updated milter to log postfix queue ID's to aid in transaction tracing.
  • Virtuoso will now perform immediate directory cleanups during service restarts in addition to the existing timed cleanups.
  • Critical bug fix: the milter previously had a chance to overwrite recipients under certain rare conditions. This has been corrected in this release.

09 November 2019

v5.0.18 Released

email spam filter server


  • Added Dutch language support.
  • Whitelisting will now allow override of spoofing triggers.
  • Performance update for database tables.
  • Virtuoso engine updated to limit email batches to 100 per cycle.
  • Fixed language slug in the portal user quarantine report.
  • New installations include facebook and fbworkmail exceptions for SPF checks to account for SPF redirects.
  • Corrected whitelist and blacklist record display in the Master GUI.
  • Fixed language string translation for the default group name in the Portal group admin edit screen.
  • Added spam rule to ensure Mailborder release and update email notices are not marked as spam.

07 October 2019

v5.0.17 Released

email spam filter server


  • Update: reorganized versioning structure
  • Update: removed BCC and bi-directional views from User Portal
  • Update: Portuguese language file update
  • Bug fix: correct restricted email from still being delivered
  • Update: added option to search for email that is not restricted
  • Bug fix: Clam AV apparmor file fixed
  • Bug fix: Portal user and group whitelist logic fixed

24 September 2019

v5.0.16 Released

email spam filter server


  • Bug Fix: Portal branding corrected
  • Update: removed ability for user to see BCC recipients in user mail log.
  • Update: Portuguese language file updated.
  • Bug Fix: restricted email will no longer be delivered
  • Update: ability to search for email that is not restricted
  • Bug Fix: fixed clamd configuration producing errors in apparmor
  • Update: removed bi-directional view from Portal user email records
  • Bug Fix: Portal user whitelist processing logic corrected in the filtering process.

05 September 2019

v5.0.15 Released

email spam filter server


  • Update: performance enhancement to Portal user and group interface.
  • Update: improved data handling for Vita service logging.
  • Bug Fix: Child single user email release from Portal corrected.
  • Language: Added interface support for Brazilian Portuguese.

25 August 2019

v5.0.14 Released

email spam filter server


  • Update: Improved spam handling logic for Portal users and groups.
  • Update: Whitelist entries will now override blacklist entries.
  • Update: mb-migrate will now also import v4 user white and black lists.

14 August 2019

v5.0.13 Released

email spam filter server


  • Bug fix - emails that were supposed to be quarantined were still being delivered.
  • Bug fix - Clam AV can fail to start due to a missing switch in the systemd settings. This fix corrects that switch on all systems.

09 August 2019

v5.0.12 Released

email spam filter server


  • Quarantine reports have been changed to allow hourly notices without duplicates. Notices will no longer include the past 24 hours but rather all quarantined items since the last report.
  • Quarantine reports have had the release feature updated to only release email for the user requesting the release.
  • The Geographical check database has been updated.
  • Geographical check bug for empty results has been corrected.
  • Support for multi-domain SSL certificates has been added. The interface now supports single domain, wildcard, and multi-domain certificates.
  • The Message Preview in the graphical interface has been updated to include a fallback for raw data.
  • Blacklisted items that were still passing due to letter case has been corrected.
  • Russian language support has been added for both the Master and Portal graphical interfaces.

07 August 2019

v5.0.11 Released

email spam filter server


  • Added Esets version report to dashboard
  • Added Sophos version report to dashboard
  • Updated migration script to include Portal users

03 August 2019