v5.0.4 Released

email spam filter server


  • Added mb-migrate command line tool to migrate Mailborder v4 data to Mailborder v5 servers.

08 April 2019

Mailborder v5 Released

email spam filter server

Finally ... 

The launch of Mailborder v5 has finally arrived.  What started as an interface refresh turned into a complete product rebuild. We know we’ve been talking about its release for almost 2 years now, but better late than never? We have even included a new Hosted SaaS solution if you don't want to run your own server anymore.

The finished v5 product is a much improved, stable, and easier to manage system. The new interface on both the Portal and Master are 100% mobile friendly. You can completely manage the entire cluster from your phone. Installation and upgrades for v5 is a snap via the apt package management suite. License management is now an automated process.

For a demo, check out the new Mailborder website.

*Note: The new Mailborder website is GDPR compliant. Therefore, we did not transfer your old account from the Mailborder v4 website to the new Mailborder v5 website. You will need to create a new account.


Unlimited UsersLayered Policies
Unlimited MessagesFile Extension Restrictions
Quarantine and ReportsMIME Restrictions
Email ArchivingGeographical Blocking
Multi AV SupportRBL Support
Black/White ListsCustom Spam Rules
User PortalMulti Routing
DMARC, DKIM, SPF ChecksAnd many more ...

New Engine

While we will continue to support the MailScanner project, that engine is no longer used in Mailborder v5. Mailborder now has its own, much improved, much faster, scanning and email handling engine.

New Architecture Design

In addition to a completely new interface design, Mailborder v5 has a completely new architecture. This translates to a phenomenally faster database that can handle a much larger number of records with fewer server resources. Disk space requirements are also greatly reduced for the database due to the heavy amount of normalization put into it.

The Portal server has been collapsed into the Master server package, so there is no longer a need for a separate server to host it. Child servers now communicate with the Master server via HTTPS with the use of API keys. Deployment and management of Child servers is a breeze.

Thoroughly Tested

Mailborder v5 spent more than 7 months in beta. It's solid.

Free Upgrade

Mailborder v5 is a free upgrade from v4. To get your code, please create a new account on the new Mailborder website and submit a request for us to create your v5 license code. Please include your v4 account information or v4 license information so we can align your licenses.

Upgrade Support

We can provide assistance in standing up your new Mailborder v5 servers for a small fee. To get started, create your new Mailborder website account and submit a scheduling request via Help > Support Center or via this link.


There is no direct upgrade path from v4 to v5. However, you will be able to migrate your data with a tool built into Mailborder v5 as of version 5.0.4.

Integrated Help

Mailborder v5 has an integrated help widget in the Master server. You can search our knowledge base via the widget for the information you need or submit a support request straight from the widget interface. The "manual" is the knowledge base, so you will always have the latest information. You can also browse the knowledge base website in your web browser. v5 is new, so we are still populating the data, but there is plenty to get you up and running.

v4 Legacy Support

The v4 license infrastructure will be left in place to issue new or replacement licenses for 1 year. You will not have access to the v4 licenses online, but we will gladly email you the keys. General support will be very limited to those without a paid support package. The common problems that sometimes haunted v4 have been addressed in v5, so we encourage everyone to upgrade.


Mailborder has many new features and capabilities, so the pricing has changed. For some customers the price will go up, for others it will go down. Support is now inherently baked into the price of each license. If you historically purchased the support package with your Mailborder servers, your total cost will probably go down. If you never purchased support, your total cost will probably go up.

Thank You

To all of the customers, beta testers, and translators that have supported us through the years, we would like to extend our gratitude. Mailborder is a small company, and we could not survive without you. Thank you!


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08 April 2019