Mailborder Email Gateways

Mailborder spam and virus filter gateways are servers that are deployed between the internet and your internal email servers. Alternatively, they can also be used to protect hosted email services such as Office 365, Kerio, or Zentyal.

Mailborder filters inbound or outbound email for spam, viruses, malware, ransomware and a host of other checks. They have graphical web interfaces, so being a Linux expert is not required.

Our solution can protect any email server platform against external threats. It will also work with any email service that allows transport management. Most do, but if you are unsure, contact us.

Your Mailborder server can be physical or virtual. You can use your own data center or have your Mailborder server hosted by any popular provider such as Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, or Linode.

Mailborder servers are cluster capable for high availability. Instead of just one server, you can run a high availability cluster of one Master server with one or more Child servers in the same or remote locations.

Your Network. 100% Control.

For maximum granular control, choose the Mailborder Email Gateway in your own data center.

Supported Operating Systems

The following operating systems are supported by Mailborder. Any variant of these operating systems will also work. For example, Elementary OS Juno is based on Ubuntu LTS. Therefore, it may be used with Mailborder.

Operating SystemVersion/Release
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (preferred)Jammy / 64 bit
Ubuntu 20.04 LTSFocal / 64 bit
Ubuntu 18.04 LTSBionic / 64 bit


  • Mailborder v5's database is over 50x faster than v4. Yes, 50x.
  • The v5 email scanning engine is over 12x faster than v4.
  • A single 4GB Child server can process over 500,000 emails in 24 hours.
  • v5 Child servers can run without the Master indefinitely during an outage.



Unlimited UsersLayered Policies
Unlimited MessagesFile Extension Restrictions
Quarantine and ReportsMIME Restrictions
Email ArchivingGeographical Blocking
Multiple Antivirus SupportRBL Support
Black/White ListsCustom Spam Rules
User PortalMulti Routing
DMARC, DKIM, SPF Checks and SigningSupports multiple virus scanners
Cloud-based threat protectionIntegrated help desk
Robust spam detectionWeb and CLI management
Multiple language supportEasy to update and maintain
And many more ...


Flexible Design and Deployment

High availability built right in.

Child Servers

Child servers extend the cluster's spam and virus filtering to additional servers. They expand with the Master server license, so there is no need ever to purchase license upgrades for Child servers. They will continue to function without the Master server in the event of a communication failure.

They do not need to be directly configured once connected to the cluster. Communication between Mailborder servers is via standard HTTPS connections.

spam filter child server

User Portal

An optional feature for the Master server is the User Portal. It allows user access to view or manage rules for their own email.

Group Administrators can also be assigned, which allows these types of users to see and manage all of the email within their group. Groups may contains multiple domains.


Portal Demo


Getting Started

Installation is a snap.

How to Get Started

Before installing anything, review these articles. DNS planning is very important with Mailborder v5.

When you are ready, start your installation with this guide.



Mailborder licenses scale on objects. Objects are items that are controlled by defined policies. User email address are not objects as they fall under things like Domains and Networks. For a complete overview, see our license calculation guide.

Recommended Hardware

Hardware requirements are going to vary depending on email volume, quarantine retention, and archive retention. The more database inserts on the Master server and the heavier the use of the User Portal will determine your CPU requirements for a smooth experience.


Master and Child Servers

Heavy Use816-64GB240-400GB


email filter hardware

Need Support?

Our servers have built-in support and ticket submission.

Built-In Support

Our servers have a built-in help widget connected to our knowledge base. If you can't find the help you need there, our ticketing system is built right into the interface. No navigating complex support websites. Everything you need is right there.

Our standard support hours is 9AM-5PM M-F EST (New York) excluding holidays. Our guaranteed SLA is 1 business day, but we normally respond within minutes to a couple of hours.

spam filter support

Premium Support

Basic and Standard support is via our ticketing system. However, you may also purchase annual support packages or incident support packages that provide you with live, hands-on support. We can provide both voice (telephone, Skype, etc.) and remote support via TeamViewer. You don't need a license for the TeamViewer software, we have that covered. We can also connect directly to your servers via HTTPS and SSH if you prefer.

If you need help installing your Mailborder server or cluster, we can assist you as required with our installation support packages.



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