Microsoft Office 365 Setup

Using Microsoft Office 365 with Mailborder

Mailborder will work with any MTA, and Office 365 is no exception. In order to make sure email gets delivered from your Mailborder server or from the Mailborder SaaS service, you will need to make a minor modification to your Office 365 settings. This change will not interrupt services and does not require any scheduled downtime to implement.


  • Login to your Microsoft security center here:
  • Navigate to: Policies & rules > Threat policies > Anti-spam policies > Connection Filter Policy
  • Click on the Connection Filter Policy and then Edit connection filter policy
  • If you are hosting your own Mailborder server, add the IP address(es) of your Mailborder server(s)
  • Click Save

Hosted SaaS

If you are a Mailborder Hosted SaaS customer, add the below IP addresses and save.