Hosted Email Filter Setup

SaaS Setup Summary


  • Create a Mailborder account on this website
  • Purchase a subscription plan
  • Submit your provision request
  • Obtain setup verification from Mailborder
  • Modify your DNS settings

Information You Will Need

The first thing is determining the number of seats you need to purchase. Seats are the sum of your user’s primary email addresses and their aliases. You can increase your seat count by modifying your subscription at any time.

We will need to know your domain(s) for processing. You must have full control of the DNS records for your domain(s). If you use something like Gmail and your email address ends in, you cannot use Mailborder SaaS to filter your email. You can add more domains later if required up to 10 per subscription. The cost of the subscription is not effected by the number of domains.

SMTP Delivery and Port 
We will need to know where to deliver your clean email. This can be delivered via IPv4 or IPv6 address, or via a host name like We can also deliver to an alternate port if the default of 25 is not available.

Group Administrator
We will need to know the name and email address of the person(s) you choose to be the Group Administrator. This person will be granted the ability to see all email for your domains, create user accounts, manage aliases, edit user policies, etc.


Subscription Setup

Fill out the Mailborder SaaS subscription form. It is a monthly subscription that you may cancel at any time. You may also increase or decrease your seat count at a later date.

Provision Request
Navigate to: Account > SaaS to submit your provision request. Provisioning is normally completed on the same business day.

Once the provision request is submitted, our system will begin the setup of your domain(s). This is an automated process, but may require human intervention if there are any discrepancies. You will receive an email confirmation when we are ready to start accepting your email.

Seat Setup
Once confirmed, your Group Administrator will need to setup your users in the Portal. This is critical as any email not tied to a seat will be quarantined. If this does happen, the email can be released by the Group Administrator, so don’t worry about losing email during this process.


Start Routing

DNS Change
The last step is to change your DNS records for MX email delivery. This will point your global mail flow to our Mailborder SaaS servers. You will receive the settings in your confirmation email.

Management and Policy Modifications
If you want to modify your policy to allow or restrict certain types of file extensions or MIME types, allow larger email sizes, change your quarantine retention period, or archive settings, please submit a request in your account and we will make those changes for you. Navigate to: Account > SaaS

Getting Help
If you want us to assist you, please submit a request and we will schedule a time to work with you for the initial setup.