v5.0.14 Released

email spam filter server


  • Update: Improved spam handling logic for Portal users and groups.
  • Update: Whitelist entries will now override blacklist entries.
  • Update: mb-migrate will now also import v4 user white and black lists.

14 August 2019

v5.0.13 Released

email spam filter server


  • Bug fix - emails that were supposed to be quarantined were still being delivered.
  • Bug fix - Clam AV can fail to start due to a missing switch in the systemd settings. This fix corrects that switch on all systems.

09 August 2019

v5.0.12 Released

email spam filter server


  • Quarantine reports have been changed to allow hourly notices without duplicates. Notices will no longer include the past 24 hours but rather all quarantined items since the last report.
  • Quarantine reports have had the release feature updated to only release email for the user requesting the release.
  • The Geographical check database has been updated.
  • Geographical check bug for empty results has been corrected.
  • Support for multi-domain SSL certificates has been added. The interface now supports single domain, wildcard, and multi-domain certificates.
  • The Message Preview in the graphical interface has been updated to include a fallback for raw data.
  • Blacklisted items that were still passing due to letter case has been corrected.
  • Russian language support has been added for both the Master and Portal graphical interfaces.

07 August 2019

v5.0.11 Released

email spam filter server


  • Added Esets version report to dashboard
  • Added Sophos version report to dashboard
  • Updated migration script to include Portal users

03 August 2019

v5.0.10 Released

email spam filter server


  • Updated maintenance logic
  • Added whitelist option to portal quarantine release link
  • Fixed case in restricted portal user identification
  • Updated portal user email to have additional CSS classes for customization

03 August 2019

v5.0.9 Released

email spam filter server


  • Added time zone support for administrators and portal users.
  • Added CSS to portal report rows to allow for custom CSS.
  • Separated date and time in mail logs.
  • Opened ports 465 and 587 by default in MTA.
  • Added import feature for portal users.

17 May 2019

v5.0.8 Released

email spam filter server


  • Fixed bug for dot stuffing that sometimes resulted in double dots within email

09 May 2019

v5.0.7 Released

email spam filter server


  • Fixed bug for XML file handling.
  • Fixed case bug in archive and quarantine.
  • Updated AV handling of Heuristics.Phishing.
  • Added support for Xenial Child servers.

05 May 2019

v5.0.6 Released

email spam filter server


  • Fixed bug for wildcard SSL/TLS certificates with subdomain.
  • Added random IP delivery option in the MTA Settings for each server.

03 May 2019

v5.0.5 Released

email spam filter server


  • Added SASL Authentication credential management under Cluster > Authenticators

This feature will allow relaying from external sources regardless of IP address. This enables relaying from external sources with dynamic IP addresses. See Mailborder licensing for how this impacts your object count.

  • This upgrade requires apt-get dist-upgrade

15 April 2019