v5.0.12 Released

email spam filter server


  • Quarantine reports have been changed to allow hourly notices without duplicates. Notices will no longer include the past 24 hours but rather all quarantined items since the last report.
  • Quarantine reports have had the release feature updated to only release email for the user requesting the release.
  • The Geographical check database has been updated.
  • Geographical check bug for empty results has been corrected.
  • Support for multi-domain SSL certificates has been added. The interface now supports single domain, wildcard, and multi-domain certificates.
  • The Message Preview in the graphical interface has been updated to include a fallback for raw data.
  • Blacklisted items that were still passing due to letter case has been corrected.
  • Russian language support has been added for both the Master and Portal graphical interfaces.

07 August 2019