Support Matrix

Mailborder Support Levels

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Mailborder products come with varying support levels depending on your purchase. If you are new to Mailborder or new to Linux, you should seriously consider including S1X Premium Support with your purchase. We take our support and our customers seriously. We are a small company and only hire knowledgeable staff to work with our customers. We don’t do clueless.

This level of support is mostly self-service. If you are a Linux guru and have a solid understanding of the Mailborder software, you may not need support. Your two avenues of support here are via the knowledge base and support tickets.

This level of support is included with the Pro class of Master server and higher. The support avenues are the same as Basic support, but your support requests are given priority over all pending Basic support requests.

This is an add-on support product available in the Mailborder store. This support level includes hands-on and telephone support from a Mailborder technician. We do not farm out our support to call centers. You will be assisted by a Mailborder employee that is very adept with the product. Support outside of our standard hours is possible with scheduling approval. This support is available for purchase in the Mailborder store as S1X Premium Support.


  • Our official support hours are 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time. (New York)
  • The world is round. Therefore: Support SLA vs Reality – we always monitor our support queues and will help you outside of normal business hours if possible.
  • Remote support is provided via SSH, HTTPS, and Teamviewer.
  • Installation support is available via a separate product in the Mailborder store.