v5.1.3 Released

email spam filter server


Bug Fixes

  • Core API session checks corrected to eliminate false warnings
  • Removed DNSRBL as it is now defunct
  • Removed Abuseat RBL as their format no longer works with Mailborder's MTA
  • Updated CPU reporting graphs to adjust load based on the number of system processors

Updates and Features

  • Updated the Mailborder filter to identify pattern matches made in the Scan Report
  • DrWeb AV handler updated to handle scanner errors
  • Postfix master.cf updated to lift processing limits for milter on (elimination of self-throttling)
  • Enabled Spamassassin spoof checks to check senders with obfuscated from addresses
  • Enabled Spamassassin Phishing checks with data from Phishtank and OpenPhish
  • Moved Spamassassin from GUI to /etc/mailborder/conf.d/spamassassin.cf
  • Added Spamassassin Razor directory and updated to use local servers
  • Modified Spamassassin config to use the caching DNS server on the local server
  • Revised and reordered MTA settings in GUI
  • Removed default spam score from MTA settings as it was confusing and not used
  • Moved Postfix max queue time from GUI to /etc/mailborder/conf.d/postfix.cf
  • Updated Postfix SPF evaluation mechanism
  • Moved SPF configuration file to /etc/mailborder/spf.cf

Performance Notes

Some major performance enhancements are included with this update in regard to scanning speed with this release. DNS checks slow scanning speed on Mailborder servers. Mailborder server configurations have been updated to find and use Razor and Pyzor DNS services that are closer in geographical location and faster in replies. This typically results in spam scanning that is 4 to 8 times faster than the previous model for Mailborder customers outside of the United States. This also improves spam scanning speed for customers within the United States that is 2 to 4 times faster.

Spamassassin has also been modified to use the local caching DNS server at that runs on all Mailborder servers regardless of the server's network configuration. This will also provide moderate to extreme scanning speed increases depending on each server's network and location.

How to Upgrade

To update your Mailborder server(s), run the following commands with root privileges from the command line:

  • apt-get update
  • apt-get dist-upgrade


Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

This upgrade can easily take an hour on a fast connection. Plan accordingly.

To upgrade from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04:

  • First, upgrade to Mailborder 5.1.2 as shown above.
  • Take a snapshot or full backup of some kind.
  • Edit /etc/apt/sources.list and change the bionic reference to focal for the Mailborder repository. (deb.mailborder.com) Do this after upgrading to 5.1.2 and before running the next step.
  • Run as root: do-release-upgrade --allow-third-party
  • Select the default option to keep everything except /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.clamd which needs to be replaced with the new version.
  • If you need or want help, contact Mailborder support.

24 February 2022