v5.0.20 Released

email spam filter server


You must perform the upgrade using the dist-upgrade option.

apt-get dist-upgrade
  • Added support for Dr.Web antivirus. This is a very affordable and effective add-on for Mailborder. We don't sell the license for this product. You can obtain a 90 day trial and a 40% discount on their website. More details and instructions are here: https://www.mailborder.com/ops/drweb/
  • Updated code to fully support Eset 7.x
  • Added features to test and restart failed spam and antivirus services.
  • Added option to reboot the Mailborder server if spam and antivirus services cannot be recovered. See /etc/mailborder/engine.cf
  • Updated several options in /etc/mailborder/engine.cf
  • Implemented a fix for servers not correctly identifying macros in file attachments.
  • Corrected the engine rebuild from overwriting the Postfix master.cf.
  • Partial configuration writes can now be implemented on servers with Postfix configuration locks.
  • Added the option to disable Reject Unverified Recipient in the Mail Transport Settings.
  • Updated install script to support Elementary OS 5.x
  • Added additional indexing to the Master database for a performance increase.
  • Removed ion-icons from Jquery loads.

25 December 2019