Maillog Search

The “AND” Concept #

When viewing the maillog in the Mailborder Master or Portal GUI, there is an option to search. There are a variety of options that are mostly self-explanatory, but it is important to remember the search works using the AND concept. 

If more than one parameter is defined, when the search is performed both parameters must be true to be displayed in the filtered results. For example, if both of the checkboxes for Spam and Virus are ticked, then the only results that will be displayed are emails that were found to be both spam and contain a virus. If three parameters are entered, then all three parameters must be true for the log result to be displayed. 


Performance #

The speed of returned search results is constrained by the server’s hardware resources. For Mailborder, the Master server should have a minimum of 6GB for light production use. Tuning the MariaDB parameters can be done by adjusting the values in the /etc/mysql/conf.d/ file.


Tools #

Another tool that is useful is the MySQL Tuner script by Major here: