3079: The installed license is missing or expired.

The Mailborder server is either unable to find the license (missing) or the license has expired. 


Check Your License:
Go to the command line on your server and run the following command. 

mb-license -z

If the g_customer_name is “Unlicensed User”, then the server is missing the license. If the license is installed, check the g_expire_date to make sure the license is not expired. 

Missing License:
If you have a valid unexpired Mailborder license, go to the command line as root and run the following commands:

mb-license -a license_code_here

Where “license_code_here” is your license code. 

Date Mismatch:
If the date on the Mailborder website is newer on your licenses page than on the server, return to the command line and force a license renewal. 

mb-license -r

Expired License:
If you have a valid license already installed that is expired, go to the Mailborder website and visit your licenses page. Renew your license through the Mailborder store and return to the command line on your Mailborder server. Run the following command to get the updated license:

mb-license -r

You may verify you installed license with the following command:

mb-license -z