Email Gateway Overview

What are email gateways? #

Email gateways are a type of email server that protect your internal email servers. They do not host user email inboxes. Instead, they perform an inspection of all email before delivery to a user’s email inbox. Email gateways perform threat analysis of email. If the inspected email is considered clean, it is sent to the internal server or service that contains the user’s email inbox. If the email is considered spam or a threat, it is quarantined on the email gateway. Quarantined emails can be inspected and released at any time.

What do email gateways do? #

Email gateways scan email for viruses, phishing attempts, malware, ransomware, and other security threats. They can also perform many other types of checks and other actions. For example, Mailborder also performs geographical analysis to block email from unwanted countries or continents. Mailborder can also perform email archiving as well as many other tasks.

Where are they deployed? #

Email gateways are typically deployed in a DMZ type of environment. The DMZ is publicly accessible so that anyone in the world can send you an email, but separate from your internal network. Your internal network is where your email server (or service) and user inboxes usually reside. It is not a required to have a DMZ, but you do want to have some sort of separation between your internal email servers (or service) and the internet. The email gateway should be the only source of inbound email to your internal server or service.

Is a hosted email filter different? #

In concept, a hosted solution like our SaaS is the same as having your own email gateway. The same software and other equipment is used just as if you had your own Mailborder server. The difference is that we are managing the server. You will pay a little more on a per-user basis than if you were to run your own email gateway. However, if you don’t have many users or you don’t have the staff with the expertise to administer an email gateway, then using a hosted solution can be significantly less expensive.

Can I use Mailborder’s email gateway or hosted filter? #

If you own your domain and do not use a service like Hotmail or Yahoo email, then yes, you can use Mailborder. The primary requirement is to have access to your DNS records that control the routing of your email. Mailborder will work with any email server and most hosted email solutions such as Office 365, Kerio, and Zentyal.

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