DNS Requirements

Mailborder requires not only the usual DNS entries for email servers, but also several A, AAAA, SPF, and CNAME records. 

The Mailborder interface is not accessible via IP address. A host name must be used as several web services are running on each Mailborder server. Each of these host names must also be unique. Below is the most common and easy to manage setup. 


Server Host Name #

First, pick a host name for the Master server. This host name is totally unrelated to the web GUI and mail server host names used. It can be anything you like, but it should be a FQDN. The file that contains your server’s hostname:


For this example, the following server host name is used:



Virtual Host Names #

The remainder of the host names are virtual, MX, or CNAME values. Below is a list used for our example:

Master GUI:master.mailborder.com
Portal GUI:portal.mailborder.com
Master API:api.mailborder.com
Postfix MTA:mta-1.mailborder.com

Note that the Postfix MTA host name is used when the Mailborder server identifies itself to remote servers. For this reason, it needs to match your MX record (more below) and it cannot not be the same as any of your internal servers.


DNS Creation #

Here is a sample DNS schema for the Mailborder Master server:

Host NameRecord TypePoints to

Note: The PTR for the IP should point to  mta-1.mailborder.com.


Here is a sample DNS schema for a Mailborder Child Server:

Host NameRecord TypePoints to

 Note: The PTR for the IP should point to  mta-2.mailborder.com.


Here is a sample DNS schema for your domain MX records:



If you have Mailborder Child servers, they should have an equal or lower priority to do most of the email processing to free up resources on the Master for administrative management and user access.