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The Mailborder Master server interface is available in numerous languages. This allows administrators to switch the Master server's base language to a language they are more comfortable with. It also allows individual administrators to switch their profile to a language other than the base language. For example, the system's base language could be set to German, but one of the system administrators we will call Jon could decide to set his individual profile to French. When Jon logs into the Master server his entire interface will be in French.


The Program

Translation is accomplished via a language file. Mailborder's base language is translated from US English by volunteers within the community. However, these volunteers are rewarded in several ways. The first is with free access to Mailborder products. Each translator is awarded:

  • 1 Enterprise Master server
  • Premium Support

The first translation is tedious. There are about 1500 lines at the time of this writing. However, once complete maintenance is easy. Translation requests are made once every couple of months and only for a few lines. As long the translator keeps up and maintains the language file his licenses and support will continue to be renewed indefinitely.


Current Languages

Below is a list of current languages and if an additional translator is needed for the language, as we like to have two translators on hand for sanity checks and availability. Any language not on the list or marked as needing an additional translator is available to be added to the program. This offer inlcudes variants. For example, at the time of this writing Mailborder has CA French. However, an FR French translator is still needed.

Language Current #
Afrikaans 1 1
Dansk (Danish) 2 0
Deustch (German) 2 0
Español Latino Americano (Latin American Spanish) 1 1
Français - CA (Candian French) 2 0
Magyar (Hungarian) 1 1
Íslenska (Icelandic) 1 1
Italiano (Italian) 1 1
Nederlands (Dutch) 1 1
Polski (Polish) 1 1
Português - BR (Brazilian Portuguese) 1 1
UK English 2 0
US English 2 0
All Others 0 2
If you would like to participate in the program, please contact us and let us know what language you would lke to translate and include your technical experience level. Once approved, you will be sent the US English language file for translation. Upon the return of the completed translation you will be issued your free Mailborder products.    

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