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Free Licenses

Free Licenses


Community licenses are designed for testing and very small organizations.

This class of Mailborder gateway can function as a Standalone Master.

All Mailborder gateways are upgradeable from one class to another with license upgrades.


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M1C Master Server (Community Edition)
Domains: 1, Child Supported: 0, Support: Basic, Email: Unlimited  

Master Modes

Mode Roles Child Required
Standalone Master Email Gateway / Gateway Control No
Cluster Master Cluster Control Yes
Master Gateway Email Gateway / Cluster Control Yes

iMaster servers dynamically and transparently switch modes depending upon deployment settings within the Master server.


network 64  Capabilities


Mailborder Master servers are available at several different licensing levels which allows you to purchase only the level of capability required by your organization. Mailborder servers can also be easily expanded at later dates by simply replacing the Mailborder license. No software upgrades are required for expanding the capability of existing Mailborder implementations. The following is a guide to license levels and capabilities:


Capability Levels

Level Domains Supported Max Child Servers Included Support
Community 1 0 Basic
SOHO 20 0 Priority
100 2 Priority
Hosting 250 5 Priority
Enterprise 500 10 Priority
Ultimate Unlimited Unlimited Premium

iNote that there is no limitation on volume or number of users. For example, a Community Edition server can process and unlimited number of email messages for an unlimited number of users for one domain.


console 64 Support


SOHO, SMB, Hosting, and Enterprise class servers come with free Priority support. The Ultimate Edition includes free Premium support. The Community Edition includes Basic support. The following is a list of support types offered:


Support Plans

Plan Access Remote Hands on Support
Basic Forums No
Priority Support Tickets and Forums No
Premium Support Tickets, Phone, and Forums Yes

iSupport plans may be upgraded to Premium Support. Installation support is also available at an additional cost.


dl black Updates


The purchase of a Mailborder license grants the use of Mailborder software products for a specified time period. Therefore, all Mailborder servers come with free software updates including major versions.


bank cards black Discounts


All products have multi-year discounts included in the price of the products. Two year products include a 10% discount. Three year products include a 15% discount. Coupon codes and vouchers can be combined with these discounts.


upgrades black License Upgrades


All licenses can be upgraded from one product class to the next at any time during the life of the license. (SMB to Enterprise, for example) To upgrade, contact Mailborder support and you will be provided upgrade options based on your product and remaining license period.


edit property 64 Requirements


A correctly formatted MAC address is required during purchase and must match one of the MAC addresses on the server where this license will be used.

Example: 00:0C:29:2D:9F:7D

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