ESET Antivirus for Linux

It is recommended that all Mailborder Master and Child servers have two virus scanners if possible. ESET NOD32 Desktop Antivirus or ESET File Server Security Antivirus suites are a low cost addition. You may install the ESET NOD32 Desktop software and use the trial at no charge.

The ESET File Server Security Antivirus is the preferred add-on suite for use with Mailborder. The desktop solution will work, but requires a Linux GUI such as Gnome to install the software and exclusions must be added to the configuration.

*Note that if your server does not have a GUI such as Gnome installed, you cannot use the ESET NOD32 Desktop Antivirus as it requires a graphical installer.

Recommended Settings

Installation location: /opt/eset/esets/

Real-time file system protection: Off or add directory exclusions*

* Note that real-time file system protection is extremely resource intensive and will interfere with the Mailborder services unless certain directories are excluded. Every email and attachment is scanned by the Mailborder software using virus scanners available on the server, so real-time protection is not required if this is a dedicated gateway. (It should be!)

Required Exclusions for Real-Time Protection


How to Enable

To enable this virus scanner, edit the file /etc/mailborder/conf.d/ and add this line:


The default install local is /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_scan. If you used a different install location, also add this line to the file: