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Back in the 80s I had a use for junk mail. The fireplace. Unfortunately, someone in the 90s had a new idea for it. Another had an idea regarding viruses. Then malware. Phishing. Fast forward 20 years and I don't have nearly as much junk for the fireplace, but we all have problems Oingo Boingo never had.

The idea for Mailborder came to mind while battling the onslaught of spam we encountered during the dot com days of the early 2000s. While several popular solutions exist now, there were really none in those days. Fortunately, Julian Field released a software product called MailScanner in 2001.

MailScanner was a godsend to the IT community. Here was a product that was robust and a powerful tool for fighting spam, and it still is to this day. However, MailScanner can be a challenge to manage for the uninitiated. Even for those who have been doing it for a while it can be tedious. I once had a conversation with a Microsoft fanboy and he referred to the Linux text editor vi as “Satan’s text editor”. I had to give it to him on that one. His comment was both funny and true. This type of editor is also the primary means to manage a MailScanner configuration.


Managing Linux systems can be both refreshing and tedious at the same time. Even if you are a hard-core Linux guru, you have to admit that executing one click with a mouse is a lot easier than editing seven text files with vi to do something simple. Of course, the upside is that if someone does not know what they are doing, it is harder to break a Linux server.

I tend to compare Mailborder’s relationship with Linux to my calculus experience. I was pretty perturbed when I learned calculus and discovered that I was able to do a complex math problem in two lines when it previously took five pages using algebra. I remember asking why students were not taught this form of math sooner. Of course the instructor pointed out that we had to understand the underlying concept before being taught the advanced math.

So, I see Mailborder as calculus for MailScanner. However, in this case you don’t have to learn how to compile software from source before using Mailborder. The Mailborder interface allows you to focus on what is important, which is managing email handling efficiently and accurately. Mailborder takes care of the heavy lifting of building a complex array of configurations.


The idea behind Mailborder is to leverage the concept of simplicity into a lot more. Simple, reliable, intuitive, robust, affordable and powerful. That's the goal. 


The plan for the future is also simple. Continue to develop Mailborder implementing changes and features that you ask for. Make it better. More robust. The latest version of Mailborder is 80% the result of customer feedback. So, if you have feedback, bug reports, ideas, or anything else regarding Mailborder, we want to hear from you. It won't go into a corporate void. We will listen, and you will get a reply.


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