Mailborder Remote API


gear 64  Managing Domains Remotely
The Mailborder Remote API allows you to add, delete, and edit domains on the Master server via a web API script. This capability allows for the scripted control of domains for such scenarios as hosting providers. The API script is not present in the Master server's web directory by default and therefore must be copied to /mailborder/www/api.php to be active.
  • Note that this capability is limited to Mailborder Master servers runing v4.0.6 or later with Hosting, Enterprise, or Ultimate licenses.
To enable this script, copy it from the Master server's scripts directory to the web root:
# cp /mailborder/scripts/api.php /mailborder/www/api.php


document 64  Configuration
For detailed configuration and usage, please consult the Mailborder manual. The manual can be accessed from the Mailborder website's main menu under the DOCS section.

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